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2014 in Review: Marketing Trends and Changes


As 2014 draws to a close, I’m taking a look at significant changes in digital marketing and social media over the course of the year. Changes that made us change the way we do things and how we operate our businesses. Changes that were significant, regardless whether you considered them positive or negative at the

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OFFER: Planning Your Marketing Strategy for 2015

marketing strategy planning for 2015

My 5-year-old likes to show his independence and ability to do things all on his own – but it does come with some unexpected consequences. “I don’t need your help” and “I can do it myself” are often heard round the house. So a pillowcase now has a hole in it, as he wanted to

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Complete Strategy for a Successful Lead Nurturing Campaign

Social Media Management with HootSuite (1)

Recently a new term became popular in the marketing world – inbound marketing. It’s about first getting found online by people already looking for products and solutions that you can offer, converting those visitors into leads on your website, then sending them lead nurturing email campaigns. These campaigns are set up to encourage the lead

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How to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

Social Media Management with HootSuite

In previous posts I’ve covered Twitter marketing strategy and Facebook marketing strategy and gave you infographics and checklists to use in order to get started with your marketing strategy. This time I’m showing you to how to do the same with LinkedIn – which is one of the best social media networks for B2B professionals

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Social Media Management Tools: Made Easy with HootSuite


Once you start using social media marketing, the time quickly adds up. You need to go on different platforms to check you stats, schedule your updates, respond to comments, share or retweet updates from others… With logging in and out, here and there, a lot of time can be lost. But it doesn’t have to

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